The Alliance for Global Internet Services (AGIS) is a non-profit corporation founded in 1996. AGIS's primary purpose is to help promote global access to new information and communication technologies as a means of addressing social and economic development problems and fostering international cooperation. 

AGIS programs are particularly concerned with spreading the benefits of the Internet to groups and areas of the world that are lagging behind in their access to new technologies. Some of the particular objectives that AGIS programs aim to accomplish include the following:

  • Promoting the use of Internet applications that support the expansion of global trade and broad-based access to the benefits that trade development can produce.
  • Helping trade associations and other business organizations in emerging markets use the Internet to improve member services and strengthen their institutional capabilities.
  • Helping organizations offering business development support to small and microenterprises use the Internet to provide more effective services and foster economic growth.
  • Promoting increased utilization of the Internet to strengthen education and training programs for global executives and managers.

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