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The globalization of the world economy is placing a myriad of new demands on business enterprises. Companies around the world are being challenged to adjust to rapid changes in their competitive environments. Revolutionary advances in information and communications technologies have fueled startling changes in political conditions world-wide. Individual governments have been challenged to institute economic reforms and comply with emerging global standards governing trade and investment relationships. Companies have been forced to recognize the realities of global competition and adopt new strategies for surviving and prospering in this new global marketplace.

A core need for companies seeking to stay on top of this surging tide of change is better information, along with an ability to use such information in creative ways to support new marketing strategies, production methods, and other critical business functions.

This Web site provides a starting point for companies that are in the early stages of 'going global' -- those who are seeking to expand occasional international sales into a serious attempt to deal with emerging opportunities in particular markets around the world. It focuses on the various types of public and private trade development and investment promotion resources that are available to help companies expand their international business operations. 



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