The Alliance for Global Internet Services (AGIS) supports the following programs and services:

  Market Research & Development Services

Through its Global Enterprise Institute,  AGIS provides rapid market intelligence services designed to help companies decide on distribution options and quickly locate appropriate buyers for various types of food and manufactured products in overseas markets. These services address the needs of businesses that do not want to spend a lot of money on market research reports but are interested in finding appropriate buyers and initiating business arrangements. For additional information about these services, click here.

Training Programs

AGIS offers a number of training programs to help different types of organizations learn to use specialized Internet applications. Examples of current AGIS training programs include the following:

  • Developing, Managing, and Using Web-based Export Promotion Services
  • Internet strategies to support international marketing efforts in emerging markets: practical guidelines for the small and mid-sized company
  • Using the Internet to provide more effective business development services to microenterprises and small businesses

Intranet/Extranet Development, Training, and Maintenance

AGIS helps business organizations design and implement specialized intranets/extranets to support business operations in several fields, including international trade development, international sourcing, international business development,  investment promotion, global management training,  microenterprise and small business development, and association strengthening .

Guides to Internet Resources. 

As part of its public service efforts, AGIS maintains a number of specialized resource guides dealing with economic development topics.  Current efforts include:

  • The AGIS Micro-Biz Network -- This Web-site offers support to NGOs and other business organizations involved in providing business development services to micro- and small enterprises (MSEs). It currently contains guides to vairous types of MSE information resources, including organizations, projects, and publications dealing with microenterprise development issues. It the future, it will be expanded to include information about market opportunities, buyers and suppliers, service providers, "mini-franchise" opportunities, and consultant resources. AGIS offers training and content development services to organizations interested in participating in this network or developing their own Intranets to support business development efforts with particular client groups.
  • The AGIS Global-Biz Network -- AGIS maintains a Web-site that includes a guide to trade and investment promotion resources on the Internet. Shortly we will be adding sections discussing "best practices" for using the Internet to support trade and investment promotion programs managed by government organizations, business associations, and private firms. AGIS offers training and consulting services to public-sector and business organizations on ways of using information and communication technologies to improve the effectiveness of trade and investment promotion efforts and to help support other types of international programs.
  • The AGIS Guide to Telecenter Resources -- AGIS staff maintain a Web-site that tracks programs involved in establishing multi-purpose community telecenters and small business service centers that aim to improve access of underserved communities to modern communications and information services.

Internet Development Partnership Programs:

AGIS is committed to promoting universal access to information and communication technologies. To this end, we are seeking to develop partnership programs involving technology suppliers, organizations involved in business and economic development initiatives, and end users in a number of regions of the world.

Improving the Global Policy and Regulatory Environment

AGIS is commited to helping develop a global policy and regulatory environment that is conducive to the growth of Internet infrastructure and services.

AGIS offers the following types of support to government organizations and business groups interested in policy and regulatory initiatives:

  • conducting policy and regulatory studies
  • organizing workshops and discussion groups
  • conducting study tours to examine experiences in particular countries that have developed effective legal and regulatory frameworks
  • developing "virtual policy forums" and on-line discussion groups to support constructive policy dialogues and information exchange


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